Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sustainable Fragrances for Cleaners

The Green Nose (TGN) is very proud to announce his attendance at the Sustainable Fragrances 2009 meeting to be held June 3 - 5 at the Marriott Washington, DC. TGN will be focusing his efforts to sniff out for you, in this blog, every significant development and valuable nuance. This is the first meeting where Fragrance industry experts and regulatory members of the trade associations, EPA's DfE and NGO's are conferring in a formal setting to propose green and sustainable industry definitions, raw material ingredient standards for both safe human and environmental toxicity and a module to preview fragrance formulas for DfE criteria. The sheer complexity of assessing hundreds of chemical classes and working toward viable agreement is laudable to the presenters and attendees, regardless of the understanding of the issues and likely consequences. The program is very representative of the current body of technical and proprietary industry interests.

The Green Nose promises to report in depth on each session, to share real conversations with attendees, and to give you insightful commentary about this dynamic conference.


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