Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It Was All Trees and No Forest

The EPA's DfE (Design for the Environment) Earth Week announcements and final material standards for 2500 chemicals have been published. Not specifically mentioned is the additional 2500 plus fragrance ingredients that were assessed for human and environmental safety. Why? Because Fragrances will remain being the label identity.

The contextual issue of Trade Secrets was carefully resolved in cooperative comment process. Going forward the DfE partnerships are now an emergent system of simultaneous top down and bottom-up relationships. Goals and objectives will be motivated by mutual respect, trust, product performance and innovation. Bottom-up the formulators will be working with Perfumers that have the tools for responsible products. Top down, the central protectionist concern for Fragrance houses and self-regulated trade associations, Trade Secrets, are preserved but with new terms.

It is within these terms that lie boundless opportunities for strong profits and environmentally recognizable achievements.

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