Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Science has it's rhythms.

These rhythms are often beautiful to observe and listen. Right now environmental science is stroking the rhythm of safe cleaning products in consumer and workers hands. How and why? Mostly from sound and steady intellectual improvements, organization and openness. Essentially environmental scientist called for precautionary principles rather then bans.

Now that the DfE standards for safe cleaning product ingredients are established, it is time to step back and take account the main players in the process, in particular the last four years when the attributes and criteria were organized.

My call to arms is Fragrance Houses resign from IFRA. Let the industry "core company" board members run it, pay for it and audit themselves. The principle material data is available and future changes must be published. There is no obligation that any of you must don the IFRA RIFM FMA hair shirts.

Go out and do what you do best. Innovate. Make great colognes, skin products, again. Follow the rhythms of the crowd, trend setters or savants. Devote your resources to creativity and safe practices. It's about customer requirements.

But when it comes to rinse-off products, don't be evil. Relax on trying to delight consumer test panels and overwhelm our senses by trickle downing every innovation and condition the masses. Be transparent, disclose your inventory and you will not have to open your formulas. Ever.

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