Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The recent publication about disclosure of unsafe fragrance materials found in an analysis of leading consumer products has had a response from FMA aka IFRA North America. The complete response can be found on FMA's website under two sections, "Fragrance Safety is No Secret (5/12/10)" and "FMA Finds New Cosmetics Report Misleading (5/13/10)."

The Green Nose finds these statements to be the most responsible, open and carefully considered comments by IFRA. Bravo for coming out of the gates swinging.

But before IFRA and the FMA's organization arm, The Robert's Group, get too crafty, haughty and confident in their lobbying efforts, peer review is not always relative to argue about and opens yourself to similar claims. For example, The publication of IFRA's fragrance tested material list makes no claim to its completeness with it's member companies. Nor did the release have any disclaimer or statement about new chemicals, revised processes or proprietary materials that have not been peer reviewed.

The Green Nose does give extra weight to environmental toxicity since I want to equalize the human and environmental safety concerns. I wrote before how a former employer accidentally caused a DEP spill and it entered a stream resulting in a noticeable fish kill. The amount of DEP was very small as it came from empty drums that were left outside without their bungs (root cause). Some quanity of rainwater accumulated in a weeks time and the drums were drained in our plant yard by the drum recycler. I can't relate this tale to FMA's dosage statement about a grain of sugar in an olympic swiming pool but what I do know is the minuscule amount was detectable to the water commission's GLC and their claim that DEP is an oxygen depleter. Should we have insisted on a group of scientist to review the findings when the state Water Commission shut us down?

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