Friday, March 20, 2009

River Keepers update

Mentioned in my February 13th post was a river environmental study in Europe that revealed personal care contaminants. Another study this time stateside, was released last month, disclosing materials of concern that are present in the Columbia River basin. The Columbia River serves communities of nearly eight million residents for power, water, fisheries and recreation. The Columbia River has and continues to be in danger.

This particular report will be used to analyze historical contamination levels like DDT and fire retardants and will be the basis for further studies of emerging contaminants. Because of the presence of these new chemicals of concern, a future study will be sponsored by the US Geological Survey (USGS)  as limited samples were taken to characterize these contaminants. It will be four years before another study will be completed. 

The purposes of studying banned materials like DDT is to be certain that the dangerous toxics are declining. Evidence of emerging contaminants are most serious to environmentalist and the regional river community because of the likelihood their concentrations will increase without preventative action. The Green Nose examined the list of fragrance materials. Significant in the report were musk chemicals which are found in nearly every cleaner fragrance for their pleasant long lasting fresh clean perception and fixative properties.

Reports like the EPA study about our waterways give gravitas to the June Sustainable Fragrances 2009 for Cleaning Products meeting. We must stop the use of unnecessary perfume ingredients that are rinsed off down the drain.  Immediate PREVENTION is the only acceptable outcome. It's that simple.

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