Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Perfumer's Point of View

The Green Nose applauds Jeb Gleason-Allured for starting a forum and providing coverage of sustainability issues for the past two months. A Senior Perfumer, Pascal Gaurin responded to "The F&F Horizon: 2009 and Beyond" posted by Mr. Gleason-Allured 12/17/08.  Mr Gaurin reply is titled "Perfumer POV: An Opportunity to Reinvent the Fragrance Creation Process". 

The reply was thoughtful and reasonable and explained the reality of the environmental toxicity circumstance (and other issues) that the Perfumer must contend with when deciding what raw materials are available to use. 

Understanding opportunity vs renunciation is a wonderful step in this process of setting responsible standards. As mentioned in my post of 1-24-09 "Sustainable Fragrances for Cleaners", we are finally getting closer to our goal. If we can count on Perfumers to grasp the simple concepts we are there.  

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