Friday, October 17, 2008

Green Economy Awareness and 401K losses

When the global credit bailout steps are finally set in place, and after your 401K / IRA statements are digested, we all should be AWARE to focus on personal health and thriving as the first important process step to recovery.  And  good personal health includes a healthful environment. 
If we Green the bailout, it is possible to create more economic value and purpose to our everyday survival.  Imagine a rescued new economy that includes real and safe science, materials, and manufacturing.  Or should we continue with a dread and reluctance to Greening our consumer and institutional product world only because of the ordeals of change and risk?

The Green Nose's objective today is to encourage our global economic makeover to include specific goals, timeline and incentives that all products that go down the drain do not linger, contaminate or poison our water.    It is doable, viable and not a wistful whim.         


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